The BXB Story

Brand X Burgers started out as an after-skate cookout to being one of the hottest names in the local burger industry.

BXB’s first logo

It all started in a garage in Lipa, way back July 2014, where friends of friends gathered to have a taste of the freshly grilled, juicy patties we now know to be BXB. From there, they moved to a bigger place in Lipa, December of the same year.

Fast forward to 4 years later, people still wonder… bakit nga ba Brand X Burgers?

Why Brand X

Why not? In all seriousness, we know how the term ‘Brand X’ usually denotes the losing brand in every ad ever presented. An ode to the brand that was perceived to be weak, this time, we made sure Brand X wins!

Why Burgers

Back when it was launched, gourmet burgers were hard to find in Batangas. To find a decent burger means braving the traffic jams of Manila and paying around 400-500 bucks. We wanted to give Batanguenos the privilege of having a go-to burger that’s nearer and more affordable.

In a span of four years, Brand X Burgers has opened 11 branches in and out of the province. Its newest one being ‘overseas”, in Calapan in Mindoro.

The brand has also expanded to serving just burgers to pasta and rice meals!

When asked about their secret ingredient, it’s a simple, “It’s purely awesome burger. We serve food that we enjoy and want our friends to enjoy it, too.”